Frequently Asked Questions

What is PaddleSoft?

PaddleSoft is a social networking site and river database, that uses cutting edge technology to bring paddlers relevant information and help them organize events and sell gear.

How is PaddleSoft different from other whitewater social networking sites?

PaddleSoft is the only whitewater social networking site and river database site. Many of these “other” websites use general prebuilt software that was not originally designed for the whitewater community. PaddleSoft uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to allow you to easily employ targeted searches for exactly what you are looking for and advanced reccomendation algorithims to find you new rivers and paddling partners. With PaddleSoft can type things like "rivers my friends paddle on", "videos of Sam paddling river x," "people who have paddled river x in a canoe", and "upcoming races near me." With PaddleSoft you can easily keep track of all the rivers you've paddled and at what level.

When will PaddleSoft be released?

We do not have a set date yet, however we are hoping for a beta release in November 2015 and a full release in early 2016 (hopefully in time for the Spring paddling season!). If you are curious about our development progess you can read our development blog or suscribe for email updates. Or better yet, if you have some spare time you can volunteer.

Is PaddleSoft free?

Yes PaddleSoft is 100% free to use. If you want to use PaddleSoft to sell paddling gear online then we will take a small percentage of the profit. This money will be used to pay the company that processes our payments and to keep our server running.